21 Sep 2019
21 Jun 2020


Museo e Real di Capodimonte, Naples, Italie

The exhibition recounts the history of Naples, capital of the Kingdom during the 18th century and beyond, from the years of Charles of Bourbon to those of Ferdinand II, like a fable, with a succession of scenes of everyday life of extreme aesthetic refinement and existential joy but set against the backdrop of shifts in power, the changes of history, fashions and aesthetic tastes. 
The 19 rooms of the Royal Apartment, presented in a spectacular and engaging scenography, devised by the artist Hubert le Gall like an opera production, will be the exceptional stage on which the Teatro di San Carlo will be staged, with its Costume Department today directed by Giusi Giustino and porcelains from Capodimonte. The true unifying thread of the exhibition will be the music that accompanies it. 
Visitors can immerse themselves in an enchanted world and, by using dynamic headphones, listen to music (from Giovanni Pergolesi to Domenico Cimarosa, Giovanni Pacini, Giovanni Paisiello, Leonardo Leo and Niccolo Jommelli) selected by Elsa Evangelista and Alessandro De Simone to match the various artistic themes of each room. 
The exhibition is a synthesis of all the arts, and illustrates the multidisciplinary approach typical of contemporary life: a multisensory journey through the Bourbon Palace, transformed for the occasion into a true theatrical performance. 
An exhibition with over 1000 objects, over 300 pieces of porcelain from the collections of the Royal Manufactories of Capodimonte and Naples, other European manufactories and original Chinese pieces, more than 150 costumes from the Teatro di San Carlo designed by prestigious names (Ungaro, Odette Nicoletti, Giusi Giustino and others), musical instruments from the San Pietro a Majella Conservatory in Naples,  paintings, works of art and furnishings from the Capodimonte collections, minerals and animals preserved by taxidermy kept respectively in the Mineralogical Museum and in the Zoological Museum of Naples (today merged in the Center for Museums of Natural and Physical Sciences of the University Federico II in Naples).


General information
Museo a Real Bosco di Capodimonte
Via Miano 2
opening hours 8.30 a.m. -7.30 p.m. daily (the ticket office closes one hour earlier). 
Closed Wednesdays 
full: 14 euros 
reduced (18-25 years): 8 euros 
free (0-18 years) and Artecard holders 
special convention with the Teatro di San Carlo: 10 euros
info and reservations: + 39 06 39967050 
to learn more www.museocapodimonte.beniculturali.it
T. + 39 081 7499130

curated by Sylvain Bellenger

Alexis Gregorat


3 rue de Turbigo 75001 Paris
T. +33 1 42 72 60 01