05 Apr 2014
02 Nov 2014


Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

In keeping with tradition, every three years a new artist is invited to come and “inhabit” Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire. Following in the footsteps of Jannis Kounellis and Sarkis, for the 2014 commission funded by the Centre Region, it is the turn of the great Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco, who has felt inspired by the palimpsest of old tapestries gracing the walls of the apartments for Princess de Broglie’s guests.

Since these are “annual commissions” of the Domaine that make use of materials and ideas to do with nature (as they do every year), the artists invited to Chaumont- sur-Loire in 2014 are taking us on a ride through a fantasy world. The Brazilian sculptor Henrique Oliveira begins with his invention of a phenomenal half-animal, half-plant form, bursting forth from the loft of a barn like something straight out of our unconscious. British artist Chris Drury has then designed an immense and fascinating spiral of pine trunks for us in the Prés du Goualoup park, twenty metres in diameter, which seems to snatch up our gaze and imagination all for itself. Moving on to the Historical Park, for his part the Russian artist Nikolay Polissky has erected an astounding giant figure in the shade of a big cedar tree, formed from thousands of vine plants, while at the bottom of the Park French artist Vincent Barré has laid out powerful shapes hugging the landscape and sculpted a mystical crown of wood, bronze and wax under the Stables Canopy. We are also treated to Miguel Chevalier’s virtual magical gardens on display in the new galleries of the “Cour des jardiniers” (Gardeners’ Yard), alongside Ralph Samuel Grossmann’s “diffracted light”. Last but not least, admire the supernatural chalk cliffs that painter Stéphane Erouane Dumas is exhibiting on the walls of Le Fenil gallery.

The works that the photographers invited to Chaumont-sur-Loire are showcasing in the princely apartments of the Château have never been shown in France before. Whether we stand before the sacred woodland of Gyeon Gju by the great Korean artist Bae Bien-U, the phantasmagorical pinhole shots by German photographer Hanns Zischler or Jocelyne Alloucherie’s “night shadows-day shadows”, the view is one of quite extraordinary dream-like landscapes drawing us in each time.

Carbon pool, Chris Drury
Momento Fecundo, Henrique Olivera
Momento Fecundo, Henrique Olivera
Fleurs fantômes, Gabriel Orozco
Fleurs fantômes, Gabriel Orozco
Vincent Barré
Racines de la Loire, Nicolay Polisski
Chaos, Vincent Barré
RS Grossmann
Sur Nature, Miguel Chevalier
Nach der Natur Hanns Zischler
Pins de Gyeon Gju
Pins de Gyeon Gju
Ombres de nuit, ombres de jour

General information

The International Garden Festival is open daily from 25 April to 2 November 2014, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. (opening hours vary depending on season).

Guided tours of a selection of gardens last about 11⁄4 hours. Unaccompanied visits require a good 2 hours.

The Château and the Historic Grounds are open all year round, exhibitions from 6 April to 2 November 2014.

As from April, the Château is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (opening hours vary depending on season). Unaccompanied visits and guided tours.

Winter exhibitions and décor bring the Château to life all year round.

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