Founded in 1990, Claudine Colin Communication assists managers and leaders from the cultural and artistic fields, both public and private, in designing and implementing their public relations and influence strategies.

Our agency has developed many areas of expertise over the past 25 years, including strategic consulting, market and regional analysis, editorial design and copywriting, media planning, press campaigns, public relations, event planning and digital strategies.

With means of cultural consumption in a constant flux and increasingly complex artistic and cultural events, we are convinced of the real need among players in today’s cultural sector for sound advice and guidance to communicate and ensure media coverage of their unique events, develop their influence among professionals and reputation with the public, as well as enhance their visitorship.

Our agency maintains close relations with influential figures in the art and cultural worlds globally — institutional directors, artists, curators, critics, editors and art journalists, collectors and galleries — and fully mobilizes this network to ensure the success of its clients’ projects.

We strive to provide increasingly creative solutions to foster artistic and cultural development, thus aiding in their expansion and recognition. We are passionate, committed and persuaded that culture is a primary contributor to social unity, as well as to economic and regional development.


Press relationsPress relations

The heart of our role as an agency. After 25 years’ experience promoting our clients’ noteworthy projects, Claudine Colin Communication has built an excellent reputation as a reliable partner with the leading French and international media, both on- and off-line. Every one of our press campaigns is custom-designed for the client, all editors and production companies are contacted with a pre-determined editorial angle, and it is this routine accuracy that allows us to conceive and mount media campaigns at both national and international levels.


A generic term designating new tools that shape our professional and personal lives. Fully aware of this modern social and industrial revolution, Claudine Coline Communication has developed not only expertise aimed at the new media — bloggers, you-tubers and pure-players — but also in digital marketing. Our services in strategic consulting and positioning can also be applied to digital communication, offering solutions in creating new tools, managing social media and e-influence.

Media partnershipsMedia partnerships

Our regular contact with leading editorial departments over the past 25 years has lead to partnership agreements and special operations with the mass media, be it broadcast, print or on-line. In addition to a strong editorial commitment, these partnerships allow visibility exchanges at a lower cost than traditional advertising, thus offering win-win solutions.

Editorial designEditorial design

We work with recognized artistic directors, reputed for their talents and carefully selected according to the project needs. Our creative teams are given precise briefs, resulting in efficient advertising campaigns to enhance both the image and reputation of our clients.

Media planninMedia planning

We create for each of our clients and every budget a media plan where all signs, advertising pages and web banners are chosen and negotiated for optimal visibility.

Public relationsPublic relations

At the heart of influence strategies, we feel that public relations strategies should provide our clients contact with the right people at the right time. Creating tailored events, designing and sending out invitations, welcoming guests, determining seating plans: all these elements contribute to the success of an event and create optimal conditions to encourage discussion and networking.
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