04 Mar 2015
05 Oct 2015


In 2015, Centre Pompidou-Metz is presenting, in partnership with 8 cultural sites in Metz, the first world-class exhibition entirely dedicated to French artist Tania Mouraud.

Kicking off on 4 March 2015 at Centre Pompidou-Metz, this show will encompass the city of Metz and its surroundings, reaching its full scope and unprecedented form at the end of June 2015.

Tania Mouraud is a unique artist in a class of her own. Her work has continued to evolve since she started creating in 1960s, alternatively exploring multiple media including, but not limited to painting, installation, photography, performance, video and sound. One thing has remained consistent, her works have always explored the relationship between art and social connections. With this in mind, she suggested integrating meditation rooms in standard homes (1968). She plastered her discontentment with society, with materialism taking precedent over man, on 4 x 3 meter billboards (1977). She has reflected upon the aesthetic relationship between art and war, and through the act of writing, has examined the limits of perception by creating “words of form” (1989). Since 1998, she has intertwined photography, video and sound with painting to examine the different aspects of history and the living.

An exhibition catalogue will be published in spring of 2015 (planned for March). This reference work will include a significant amount of her writings and numerous unprecedented documents. 


Tania Mouraud devant Infini au carré, 1968 © Droits réservés
Autodafé, 1968 Performance, hôpital de Villejuif © ADAGP, Paris 2014 © Droits Réservés
Tania Mouraud, La Fabrique, 2006
Tania Mouraud, WYSIWYG, 1989
Tania Mouraud, L’indienne, Série
Tania Mouraud, Ad nauseam, 2014
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