DEPUIS LE 31 Mar 2019



With an innovative museum project based on the natural heritage of its collections, the new course will meet the needs of the public while offering a greater modularity of exhibition spaces and mediation. The Bordeaux Museum will focus on the well-being of the public by giving it new spaces. Thus children under 6 years old will have their museum of toddlers.  


At the reopening, a selection of about 4,000 specimens (among the one million in the collections) will return on exhibition in the Hotel de Lisleferme. The other specimens will be presented alternately during semi-permanent or temporary exhibitions. Indeed, the scientific and cultural project will associate within the Museum a permanent show, semi-permanent exhibitions (duration of 3 to 5 years) and temporary (duration of 4 to 10 months).  


Temporary exhibitions at the opening:

"Very touching" will plunge the viewer into the world of touch, one of our five senses. Invited to live tactile experiences, the public will apprehend the functioning of the touch, its impact on our perception of the environment ...

"Renovation work" will go up behind the scenes of the construction site of the Muséum de Bordeaux.

"See and Learn, Naturalistic Drawings" will present a selection of illustrations by Juliette Rey tracing the creative process used to feed the multimedia content of the exhibition "Eat Me If You Can."


Le hall d’entrée du nouveau Muséum de Bordeaux © Die Werft
Mange-moi si tu peux ! 2 © F Deval
Le Salon XVIIIème siècle © F Deval
Le Musée des tout-petits © F Deval
La nature vue par les hommes - exposition permanente © F Deval
La façade restaurée et le nouveau parvis de l’Hôtel de Lisleferme © F Deval
La façade restaurée de l’Hôtel de Lisleferme © F Deval
Exposition de Juliette Rey
Buste de Bernard Journu - Auber © F Deval
Mange-moi si tu peux ! © F Deval

General information

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