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The International alliance for the protection of heritage in conflict areas, ALIPH* has a mandate to offer concrete support for the protection and reconstruction of cultural heritage in conflict zones or post-conflict situations. The Geneva-based Swiss foundation

is an international organization established in response to the massive destruction in recent years of outstanding, often ancient, cultural heritage, particularly in the Sahel and the Middle East.


Creating ALIPH, a human-scale organization benefiting from both public and private support, seemed the most appropriate answer to the need to act rapidly and concretely in favor of heritage- safeguarding projects headed by local or international actors in geopolitically fraught regions. ALIPH aims to financially support associations, foundations, cultural and heritage institutions, and international organizations working to preserve cultural heritage in the face of imminent conflict, or to intervene to rehabilitate it. ALIPH has set the objective of becoming a central actor in the protection of cultural heritage around the world within a three-year timeframe.


The organization is already committed to the ambitious project of supporting the rehabilitation of the Mosul Museum in Iraq; restoring the Tomb of Askia in Gao, Mali; and rehabilitating the Mar Behnam Monastery in Northern Iraq.


Today, ALIPH has entered a second phase with the launch, on its new website, of a worldwide call that will enable it to support prevention, protection and restoration projects on every scale, from the smallest local initiatives to ambitious long-term projects. ALIPH also aims to supply immediate aid wherever this is most urgently needed.

Tombeau d'Askia - Gao - Mali Photo : DNPC Mali
Musée de Mossoul - Irak (c) Ivan Erhel
Mar Behnam - Irak (c) Fraternité en Irak
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Chair of the Board & Private Donor : Thomas S. Kaplan

President Director of the musée du Louvre & Chair of the Scientific Committee : Jean-Luc Martinez 

Executive Director of ALIPH : Valéry Freland


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