23 Nov 2019
24 Nov 2019


Musée de la Poste, Paris

The Musée de La Poste is reinventing itself and will reopen on November 9 in Paris.

Next to the Montparnasse Tower, and after several years of renovation, the Musée de La Poste will reveal its collections in early November in its new spaces.

Reaffirming its cultural and heritage ambitions in the French museum landscape, the Musée de La Poste has undergone a complete renovation of its building by the Jung Architectures studio. The Musée de La Poste will unveil a new museum and architectural concept with a completely redesigned scenography and a new distribution of its spaces: reception gallery and its "Totem" crossing the 3 permanent exhibition trays, spaces dedicated to the workshops, gallery of temporary exhibition, shop, auditorium and privatized spaces.

Corporate museum, museum of society, district museum, all at the same time, the Musée de La Poste labeled "Musée de France" will present, preserve and spread the postal heritage.

Accessible to everyone, the renovated Musée de La Poste will highlight its collections for a journey to the heart of the history of La Poste, postal art and philately.

This new cultural destination in the heart of the capital will tell the story of a company intimately linked to history of France.

November 9th, 10th and 11th will allow the public to come and (re) discover this atypical museum during a long open house weekend.

« Métropolitain », Christian Guémy dit C215
Œuvre sans titre à l’aérographe, Jace, 2017
Boîte aux lettres type  « Au coq gaulois », Delachanal – Gonste, 1925 (?).
Enveloppe décorée à l’encre et feutre sur papier, Alexander Calder, 1956
Enveloppe décorée à l’encre et feutre sur papier, Alexander Calder, 1965
Affiche : « Contre l’isolement rural… Poste omnibus automobile rurale »,  A. Vérecque, 1927
Maquette de timbre-poste « Alléluia », Alfred Manessier, Huile sur toile, 1981
Enseigne de commerce (fragment) « Au petit facteur », huile sur panneau de bois, 1860-1870

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