16 Nov 2019
28 Feb 2020



The third edition of Chaumont-Photo-sur-Loire brings together artists from France and abroad, linked by their unique relationship with the landscape, whether those of the Domaine, the banks of the River Loire or much more distant horizons, whether in Asia, Africa or America.

All these images are new or have never been seen before in France. Three artists express their special relationship with the Loire in highly original and different ways. Following a full year’s work, American artist Jeffrey Blondes aims to help us grasp the essence of time and infinite variations in the light and colour of timeless landscapes. Meanwhile, Manolo Chrétien immerses us in the elusive and enchanting swirls of the river. Also fascinated by the Loire, Henry Roy has created a photo portrait of the Domaine as part of a residency, reproducing his immersion in the site through both text and images.

Meanwhile, prominent Korean photographer Bae Bien-U invites us to contemplate the Orums , the hypnotising volcanic hills of Jeju Island, boasting abstract pictorial forms while Juliette Agnel has brought back exceptionally timeless and intense images from a trip to Sudan.

Finally, Mexican photographer Juan San Juan Rebollar shares his passion for the visual poetry of plants.

During this event, more than a hundred new images will celebrate the sumptuousness and mystery of landscapes both near and far.

Taharka et la nuit
La Loire - Aube et crépuscule
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