20 Sep 2021
27 Sep 2021



Like a suspension in the hubbub of words and comments that overwhelm our daily lives, the 4th edition of Échelle Humaine takes the time to tell stories that are woven over time, told in silence, composed in common.


Echoing the portrait devoted by the Festival d'Automne to the choreographer Lia Rodriguez, Échelle Humaine welcomes the very first solo by one of her long-time acolytes, Marcelo EvelinAi, Ai, Ai was created in New York in the mid-1990s. In it, the young Brazilian choreographer revisited his roots, his joys and his attachments in a saudade walk between present and memory. Here, more than two decades later, he revisits it, imperceptibly coated with the patina of time.


Flora Détraz, for her part, allows herself to be invaded by postures and voices that are not her own: mimics, whispers and animal noises create new discourses within her, and a troubling discrepancy between image and sound.


During the weekend, Tiago Rodrigues gives three exceptional performances of By Heart, a magnificent ode to texts and to his grandmother Candida, updated each evening by the audience. Ligia Lewis' film deader than dead is shown continuously. Philosopher Emma Bigé and performer Antonija Livingstone host a siesta lecture entitled "...and it will be a place where refuges are not necessary and you will realise that you have been there all along". PEROU (Pôle d'exploration des ressources urbaines) shares its amazing sea rescue boat project, the NAVIRE AVENIR, a collective work to be made, written, and to come.


Two Warm Up Sessions punctuate this week of multiple languages: one with Ana Pi, the other with Sandrine Lescourant, aka Mufasa.

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