01 Oct 2021
31 Mar 2022


The Art Explora area in the France Pavilion illustrates the Foundation’s missions which include providing access to culture to as many people as possible and support for contemporary creation.

Art Explora will be presenting for the very first time to the public its ARTEXPLORER museum boat project, as well as a unique digital and interactive installation by artist Neïl Beloufa.


The French artist Neïl Beloufa and Bad Manner’s have developed a new technology for this interactive installation. The spectator is filmed, and his picture is projected live in the middle of a map of the world on which the catamaran Art Explorer sails. Through his movements, the spectator interacts with the continents and oceans, which move, deform, transform, and no longer find their original shape. The spectator must try to answer the laments of this planet misstructured by his arrival.


And to present this museum boat project, the Foundation will exhibit a 3.6m long and 5m high model positioned in a pool, plus an immersive panoramic film 17m long and 3m high explaining the concept.

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