19 Nov 2022
26 Feb 2023



This fifth edition of Chaumont-Photo-sur-Loire brings together four artists: Michael Kenna, Denis Brihat, Eric Bourret and FLORE, whose attraction to nature has made them patients, whether they have decided to consider it as a mental construction by focusing on the landscape or as the sum of infinitely singular elements by taking samples from the natural environment.


Some of these images show wide shots, while others crystallize around a detail offering the viewer a sometimes macroscopic, sometimes microscopic spectacle of a mountain or a flower. Passed through the photographic prism, nature is inscribed in a frame, which in many ways evokes that of a painting.


Acting as a painter, each photographer takes a part of reality to magnify it or transform it into fiction, playing on the colors, erasing the scenery, but also everything that could date the shooting... Where memory becomes blurred, the imagination takes flight.


Chaumont-sur-Loire enthusiasts know the Domaine's commitment to beauty and respect for nature. Each edition of Chaumont-Photo-sur-Loire is therefore an opportunity to draw everyone's attention to the precious nature of our natural environment, while celebrating exceptional photographic practices.

Stone Pine Tunnel, Pineto, Abruzzo, Italy. 2016
Graceful Oak, Broughton, Oxfordshire, England. 2005
Coupe d’artichaut, 1963
Lichen rond, 1975 © Denis Brihat
Primary Forest - Macaronesie 2016
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