03 Nov 2022
23 Apr 2023


CAPC - museum of contemporary art of Bordeaux

The Barbe à Papa (Cotton Candy) exhibition takes up residence in the central spaces of the Capc - nave and mezzanines - in the form of a funfair in slow motion and in deconstruction, thanks to the contribution of artists whose works have material, formal or cultural connivances with elements of the funfair.
Indeed, this exhibition is based on the hypothesis that temporary exhibitions and the fairground may have more in common than one might think. 
It is then a question of observing how the artists make use of mechanisms of capture of the attention, of the illusion, of devices of "impure" monstration, and of systems of enclosure of the space, which one can find in the fairgrounds, which raises the question to know if any work of art is, also, an attraction.

General information

CAPC - museum of contemporary art of Bordeaux
7 Rue Ferrere
33000 Bordeaux


Curator : Eric Fauq


Laurence BELON