08 Nov 2022
18 Jun 2023



The famous rock opera STARMANIA created by Michel Berger and Luc Plamondon over fourty years ago, finally comes back to Paris and on tour in France.

Thomas Jolly created the staging of this phenomenal show. He is accompanied in this adventure by the world-renowned choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and by Nicolas Ghesquière, women's creative director of the house Louis Vuitton, who designed the costumes.
Much more than a new version, the show is a comeback to the original intention of Starmania, its dramaturgy, its tragical dimension which the public is able to discover. The spectators are reunited with the unforgettable hits which are profoundly anchored in contemporary popular culture: "Quand on arrive en ville", "Le Blues du Businessman", "Le Monde est stone", "Les uns contre les autres", "SOS d’un terrien en détresse", "Besoin d’amour"… Each song is replaced in the story which regains its fluidity, the energy of the youth who invented Starmania. 

In Monopolis, a sprawling city where neon lights have replaced the sun, eight characters cross their destinies : ville tentaculaire où les néons remplacent le soleil, huit personnages croisent leurs destins : Zero Janvier, the richest man in the world, and Guru Marabout, defender of the theories of ecology (both candidates for the presidency of the West), the fallen actress Stella Spotlight, the young zonard Johnny Rockfort, Cristal, the star presenter, the enigmatic Sadia, Marie-Jeanne, the automat-waitress, and her " friend " Ziggy. In this world that does not resemble them, each one seeks the sun in the middle of the night. But in this labyrinthine city, the cradle of all violence, getting too close can prove fatal.  

Is it a near, distant, virtual or an earlier future ? In 1978, Starmania spoke about the present in an incredebly lucid and premonitory way: globalized metropolises, obsession with celebrity, nihilistic radicalism... Themes which are still relevent in 2022. 

It is this visionary dimension that has guided Thomas Jolly's work as director. For him, "Starmania is a tragic story in the classical sense, that is to say marked by fate and the inexorable". The scenographic project aimes to retranscrib this black energy, this energy of despair, of nothingness.
For Starmania, choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui wants to "create a link between movements of the street and the image of a not-so-distant future, which means working with the language of movement inspired by stret styles." For him, "danse must be as theatrical as rock opera, it must allow the story to be told in all its violence and in all its grace. It must translate the despair and the power dynamics between the characters".

Nicolas Ghesquière, who is creating the costumes for a show for the first time, wanted to "imagine how Starmania's highly emblematic characters could be dressed in 2022. The Themes of Starmania resonate more than ever today and I wanted to create an ultra-contemporary wardrobe to match this. The costumes are an adaptation of the collections I developed at Louis Vuitton, and there are also new creations. Each character embodies one of my collections, like a repertoire of the House's vocabulary".

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La Seine Musicale
Île Seguin, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt


Alexis Gregorat