06 Apr 2023
07 Jan 2024



Second collection story after "Around the day in eighty worlds", the exhibition "Systemic Love" proposes an exploration of the motif of the grid in order to examine the ideologies and fictions that this motif conveys in the fields of art and politics.


From Mondrian to Mona Hatoum, through Sol Lewitt and Agnès Martin, the grid has been used by many artists, first for its logical properties, its frontality and its alleged neutrality - historical and aesthetic. The mythical power of the grid, which has prevailed throughout the 20th century, is that it persuades us that we are on the terrain of logic and reason, while it brings us into the regime of belief and conveys certain ideologies: notably of control and power. 


"Systemic Love" features works that, on the one hand, magnify the grid, and on the other hand, the productions of artists who have sought to twist its geometry.

General information

CAPC - musée d'art contemporain de Bordeaux
7 Rue Ferrere



Commissaire : Cédric Fauq