15 Nov 2022
28 Jan 2023



The exhibition La pensée corps brings together the work of Alexandra Bircken and Lutz Huelle, both of whom are linked to questions of identity, intimacy, permeability and vulnerability of the human being. The focus is on the mechanisms, the gestures, the thinking of the contemporary body and our experience of it as human beings. Both sectionalise and fractionalise objects and clothes as adjustable models for new ways of living, feeling and representing.

This form of deconstructivism is omnipresent in Alexandra Bircken's work. In her work, this relationship to the body, to gender and to materials translates into a powerful and direct plasticity. Her works reveal the functioning of a thing, its intimacy, its construction or its assembly, whether it is a garment, an organ, a body fragment, a motorbike or a gun.


For Lutz Huelle, fashion is a language. His clothes deconstruct archetypes and highlight mutations through hybrids: half coat-half bomber, a man's tuxedo jacket with ultra-feminine red fringes, half boxing trousers half skirt, a sexy shirt with a dinner jacket collar.


If the contemporary body is often thought of in binary terms, masculine or feminine, martial or vulnerable, powerful or fragile, Bircken and Huelle propose representations that implode them.


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