17 Feb 2023
31 Jan 2024



LONG PROGRAM: « Chagall, Paris – New York »

An exhibition will be devoted to the prolific and unclassifiable painter, Marc Chagall (1887–1985) on the 17th of February 2023 at the Atelier des Lumières. This unique digital exhibition will present his entire oeuvre, revealing a work rooted in its times, at the crossroads of the artistic and cultural novelties of his century and in constant renewal. Paris and New York, the emblematic capitals of modern art, represent two crucial stages in the artist’s long career. Paris was his chosen city, and thanks to the avant-garde movements of the 1910s, it provided the young Russian painter with a pool of experimental work, which he enriched with his own cultural references. New York was primarily a place of exile during the 1940s, and yet it gave the artist’s creativity fresh impetus. After the war, several exhibitions and major commissions reinforced the links between Paris and New York and brought Chagall back to the United States, up until the 1970s. 


SHORT PROGRAM: « Paul Klee, painting music »

During this ten minute immersive exhibition devoted to Paul Klee, the Atelier des Lumières is invaded by the painter’s colourful and poetic works. Paul Klee was initially a musician: the son of a pianist and violinist, and a professional singer, he too was a highly talented violinist. Throughout his life his works were influenced by music, which became part of his creative process. The digital exhibition pays tribute to Klee’s two passions and highlights the pictorial range of his works. 

Despite their childlike appearance, his works comprise a large variety of techniques and are highly imaginative. Considered one of the leading artists of the first half of the Twentieth Century, his oeuvre has fundamental ties with music. The all-round artist produced more than 10,000 paintings and drawings. In addition to music, he also tried his hand at engraving, lithography, and sculpture. 

This immersive event is accompanied by the music of The Magic Flute, a nod to Klee’s fascination with opera and in particular Mozart. Spectators stroll around an imaginary city and listen to an overture to an opera, a subaquatic concerto amidst golden and multi-coloured fish, complemented by the rhythm of its geometric structures.

Simulation Chagall
Sumulation Chagall
Simulation Chagall
Simulation Chagall
Le pont de Passy et la Tour Eiffel
Paris par la fenêtre
L’Apparition de la famille de l’artiste
Senecio, 1922
Le poisson d’or
Simulation  Klee
Simulation Klee

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