13 Jun 2008
30 Jun 2009


Domaine Pommery / Reims

From July 1st through December 31st 2008, France assumed the presidency of the European Union, which - with the recent entry of Romania and Bulgaria - has grown to 27 countries and now stretches from the Atlantic to the Black Sea, from the West to the East. Domaine Pommery and Beaux Arts magazine have decided to transform this political event into an artistic one by producing the exhibition “Art in Europe” that will be held from June 13th through December 31st 2008.

The fifth important show of contemporary art to be held at Domaine Pommery -coming after the 2007 exhibition “The Power of Place”: A proposal by Daniel Buren” - “Art in Europe” analyzes the state of European artistic creation today, at the time of the extension of the European Union, by presenting an overview of its trends, themes and key players. In order to convey the reality of this multi-faceted artistic scene as accurately as possible, Domaine Pommery and Beaux-Arts Magazine have invited the leading European contemporary art magazines to each select two of the finest young artists in their countries. Fifty artists and the same number of works of art that reflect the vitality of 27 national scenes will be exhibited, testifying to the exuberance and richness of art “made in Europe”.

By making art magazines and their editors in chief the main curators of this exhibition, “Art in Europe” intends not only to present artistic creation from the perspective of the actors in the field of art in each country, but also to highlight the wealth of critical thought on contemporary art. The exhibition catalogue will contain articles written by all of the curators on the situation of art today in their countries, thus providing a fully developed exploration of these theories in all their diversity.

“Art in Europe”- carrying on the tradition of the two preceding editions of “Art in the World” organized by Beaux Arts magazine in 1998 and 2000 - is part of the European Cultural Season organized by Culturesfrance from July 1st through December 31st 2008.

Allemagne / Artist Kunstmagazin
Michael Sailstorfer
Astrid Nippoldt

Autriche / Frame
Julie Monaco
Judith Fegerl

Belgique / A Prior
Sophie Nys
Sven Augustijnen

Danemark / Øjeblikket
Mette Winckelmann
Nanna Debois Buhl

Estonie / Kunst.ee
Kristina Norman
Raul Keller

Finlande / Taide
Adel Abidin
Terike Haapoja

Grèce / Highlights
Eleni Kamma
“Personal Cinema” & “the Erasers”

Hongrie / Balkon
Dorottya Szabó
Andrea Huszár

Irlande / Circa
Linda Quinlan
Nicholas Keogh + Paddy Bloomer

Lettonie / Studija
Katrina Neiburga
Miks Mitrevics

Luxembourg / NICO
Marco Godinho
Su-Mei Tse

Pays-Bas / Metropolis M
Falke Pisano
Renzo Martens
Portugal / L + Arte
João Pedro Vale
João Maria Gusmão+Pedro Paiva

Rép. Tchèque / Umělec Jana Kalinova
Matej Smetana

Roumanie / Vector Magazine
Dan Acostioaei
Bogdan Teodorescu

Slovaquie / ¾
Aneta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova
Zdenko Hlinka

Suède / Paletten
Lisa Jonasson
Mandana Moghaddam

Espagne / Lapiz
Enrique Marty
Abi Lazkoz

Slovénie / Maska
Luizia Margan & Miha Presker
Groupe Absurd (Jure Legac & Peter Kostrun)

Lituanie / CAC Interviu - Italie / Flash Art - Royaume-Uni / Art Review - Pologne /
Arteon – Bulgarie – Chypre – Malte

Personnal Cinema & the Erasers (Grèce)
Katrina Neiburga (Lettonie)
Anetta Mona Chisa & Lucia Tkacova (Slovaquie)
João Pedro Vale (Portugal)
Absurd (Slovénie)
Vue extérieure du Domaine Pommery
Marina Fulgeri (Italie)
Ivan Moudov (Bulgarie)
Bogdan Teodorescu (Roumanie)
Su-Mei Tse (Luxembourg)
João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva (Portugal)
Andrea Huszar (Hongrie)
Abigail Lazkoz (Espagne)
Céleste Boursier Mougenot (France)
Juozas Laivys (Litunaie)
Sophie Nys (Belgique)
Dan Acostioaei (Roumanie)
Nicholas Keogh & Paddy Bloomer (Irlande)
Michael Sailstorfer (Allemagne)
Affiche de l'exposition
Terike Haapoja (Finlande)
Enrique Marty (Espagne)
Raphael Vella (Malte)
Lisa Jonasson (Suède)
Elenni Kamma (Grèce)
Ivan Moudov (Bulgarie)

General information
Domaine Pommery
5, place du Général Gouraud
51100 Reims

Opening hours
Every day from 10 am to 6 pm
Reservation recommended
T. +33 3 26 61 62 56

10 euros per visit, followed by a tasting of a glass of Pommery Brut Royal
Free for under 10 year olds

Length of visit: 45 minutes
Guided tour of the cellars
Languages: French and English

Free parking
Curator : Fabrice Bousteau
Press contact:
Mathilde Beaujard