22 Oct 2009
25 Oct 2009


Grand Palais, Cour Carrée du Louvre et dans le Jardin des Tuileries, Paris

Press Release July 2009


October 22-25 2009

Grand Palais, Cour Carrée of the Louvre Museum, Paris

The 36th edition of FIAC reasserts the strengths of the fair’s identity: its position in the heart of Paris, the close ties it maintains with the protagonists of the Parisian art scene; its generalist vocation manifested in the presentation of a balanced panorama of modern art, contemporary art and cutting-edge creation; its focus on different facets of artistic activity, notably by means of the in-situ projects presented in the Tuileries Gardens and in the cycle of artists’ performances presented in collaboration with the Auditorium of the Louvre Museum ; and its constantly reiterated ambition to reinforce both the selection of the exhibiting galleries and the quality of the artworks on view.

Situated at each extreme of the chronological spectrum covered by the fair, FIAC 2009 is distinguished by two important initiatives:

At the Grand Palais, a joint presentation of modern masterworks, presented by - and on the initiative of - a group of 10 of the leading international galleries in this field.

At the Cour Carrée of the Louvre, a new sector bringing together 14 international galleries, remarkable for the quality of their prospective programmes, presented with the support of the Galeries Lafayette Group, official partner of FIAC 2009.

FIAC 2009 brings together 196 modern and contemporary art galleries, from 21 different countries. 75 galleries, or 39 % are from France; next is Germany with 21 galleries, the United States with 18 galleries, Italy with 16 galleries, and Belgium with 14 galleries…. Newly represented countries include Finland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. 61 galleries are exhibiting at FIAC for the first time.

In the coming days, this list will be enriched by the names of the galleries chosen to exhibit in FIAC 2009’s design sector. Introduced in 2004, FIAC was the first art fair in the world to integrate a design sector. Reposing on reinforced selection criteria, the 2009 FIAC design section will feature 6 galleries of modern and contemporary design exhibiting in the Grand Palais.




FIAC and its official partner, the Groupe Galeries Lafayette, launch a programme of support for emerging galleries. This programme brings together 14 galleries at the Cour Carrée. The participating galleries were selected by a jury composed of Christine Macel (Centre Pompidou - Paris), Hans-Ulrich Obrist (Serpentine Gallery - London) and Marc-Olivier Wahler (Palais de Tokyo - Paris) for the quality of their prospective exhibitions programmes, and on the basis of a specific project for FIAC comprising between one and three artists.

This programme provides for significant financial support towards the participation of each of the selected galleries in FIAC 2009, and the creation of the Prix Lafayette, a new award developed by the Groupe Galeries Lafayette to recompense one of the artists presented by the galleries of the subsidized sector The announcement of the 2009 winner of the inaugural Prix Lafayette will take place on October 21st. The prize consists in the acquisition of a work by the Groupe Galeries Lafayette and an exhibition scheduled for 2010 in a major Parisian institution, doted with a budget for the production of new works.

This programme underlines the joint desire of FIAC and the Groupe Galeries Lafayette to stand beside the actors of the emerging art scene in its international dimension, and to propose tangible support. For FIAC, this initiative responds to a desire to reaffirm our implication with regard to the prospective dynamic of younger galleries, and to pursue this in a reinforced manner despite the difficulties of the economic context. For the Groupe Galeries Lafayette, this involvement is inscribed in the framework of a global context of support developed by the group, comprising decisive contributions in each of the successive phases of creation (production, exhibition and diffusion) for which these galleries are essential actors.

The 14 selected galleries are: Balice Hertling (Paris), Catherine Bastide (Brussels), Lucile Corty (Paris), Ellen de Bruijne (Amsterdam), Vilma Gold (London), Herald Street (London), Hotel (London), Iris Kadel (Karlsruhe), Karma International (Zürich), Monitor (Rome), Motive Gallery (Amsterdam), Nogueras-Blanchard (Barcelona), Schleicher&Lange (Paris).



FIAC 2009 is honoured to present an unprecedented project resulting from the collaboration of 10 of the world’s most prestigious galleries specialising in modern art, most of which have never previously exhibited at FIAC. Presented in a space of approximately 300m2 designed by the architect Jean-François Bodin (reputed for his work at the Centre Pompidou, the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris and the Cité de l’architecture et du patrimoine) and situated in the heart of the Grand Palais, each gallery will exhibit two or three exceptional works from the modern period, composing an ensemble of approximately twenty works of undisputed museum quality and historic significance.

The participating galleries are: Acquavella Galleries (New York), Thomas Amman (Zürich), Galerie Beyeler (Basel), Galerie Louis Carré (Paris), Gagosian Gallery (New York – Los Angeles – London – Roma), Richard Gray (New York, Chicago), Galerie Krugier & Cie (Geneva – New York), L&M Arts (New York), Malingue (Paris), and PaceWildenstein (New York).

This initiative, which constitutes a world première, responds to the desire to reaffirm and highlight the essential role of leading dealers in the historiography, exhibition and negotiation of modern masterworks.



115 galleries are presented at the Grand Palais, 30 of which are new exhibitors.

In addition to the galleries participating in the Modern Project, listed previously, the new arrivals are: Anhava (Helsinki), Guido W. Baudach (Berlin), Daniel Buchholz (Berlin), Pilar Corrias (London), Gabinete de Arte Raquel Arnaud (Sao Paulo), Klosterfelde (Berlin), Magazzino d’Arte Moderna (Rome), Minotaure Galerie (Paris), Mitchell-Innes&Nash (New York), Jan Mot (Brussels), Skarsdtedt Gallery (New York), Sprüth Magers (Berlin, Cologne, London), The Approach (London), Thomas (Munich), Toninelli (Monaco), Thomas Zander (Cologne).

Claude Bernard (Paris), Jean Brolly (Paris), Ditesheim (Neuchâtel), Martine and Thibault de La Châtre (Paris), Catherine Issert (St-Paul de Vence) are returning to FIAC.

Among the many exciting exhibition programmes announced by the galleries, of particular note are the numerous special projects, solo and thematic exhibitions which will be on view:

Noteworthy solo presentations include Tony Cragg at Buchmann, George Condo at Simon Lee, Rachel Whiteread at Luhring Augustine, Balla at Toninelli, Peter Blake at Claude Bernard, Erwin Blumenfeld at Minotaure, Gérard Deschamps at Martine and Thibault de la Châtre, John Armleder at Catherine Issert…

Among the thematic presentations, Tournabuoni will present a panorama of 20th century Italian art spanning from the Futurist period to Boetti, including works by de Chirico, Fontana and Manzoni among others; Gabinete de Arte Raquel Arnaud (Brasil) and Oriol and Guillermo de Osma (Spain) will present likewise present specific points of view on the historic movements of the 20th century: Henze&Ketterer will present a focus on early twentieth century German expressionism and Nathalie Seroussi will present an exhibition of ‘moving machines’ including works by Picabia, Tinguely, Takis, Calder and Pol Bury....

Equally worthy of note is the presentation of exceptional works by Pierre Soulages at Applicat Prazan and Karsten Greve; Krisztov Wodiszko at Gabrielle Maubrie, Sarkis at Jean Brolly….

One of the characteristic traits of the 36th edition of FIAC is the choice that many galleries have made to co-curate shared booths featuring special projects: For example, at the Grand Palais, JocelynWolff & gb Agency; Kamel Mennour, Jan Mot & Johann Koenig; Isabella Bortolozzi & Daniel Buchholz; Bortolami & The Approach…



80 galleries, of which 30 are new exhibitors.

The new arrivals are ACB (Budapest), ACDC (Bordeaux), Akinci (Amsterdam), Balice Hertling (Paris), Bishoff Weiss (London), Broadway 1602 (New York), Cabinet Gallery (London), Riccardo Crespi (Milan), Dependance (Brussels), Figge Van Rosen (Cologne), Gaudel de Stampa (Paris), Annie Gentils (Antwerp), Vilma Gold (London), Herald Street (London), Inda (Budapest), Karma International (Zürich), Nicole Klagsburn (New York), Linn Lühn (Cologne), Monitor (Rome), Pianissimo (Milan), Semiose (Paris), Sorry We’re Closed (Brussels), Jiri Svestka (Prague), Barbara Thumm (Berlin), Triple V (Dijon), Van Horn (Düsseldorf), Videospace (Budapest), Viltin (Budapest).

Hussenot (Paris) is returning to FIAC.

Among the artists to watch for at the Cour Carrée:

Aurélien Froment and Raphaël Zarka at Motive Gallery, Jean-Pascal Flavien and Julien Bismuth at Catherine Bastide, Pamela Rosenkranz and Martin Soto-Climent at Karma International, Pablo Bronstein at Herald Street, Carol Bove, Carter and David Noonan at Hotel, Javier Tellez at Figge van Rosen, TJ Wilcox at Rafaella Cortese, Pascal Convert at Eric Dupont, Elke Kristuffek, presented jointly by Akinci and Barbara Thumm, as well as the rediscovery of certain major figures of contemporary art from ‘60’s and ‘70’s such as Gianni Pettena at Fornello and Alina Szapiczinkow and Babette Mangolte at Broadway 1602.



Outdoor projects in the Tuileries Gardens

For the fourth consecutive year, at the invitation of FIAC and The Louvre Museum, the Tuileries Gardens will welcome twelve outdoor projects, sculptures, installations, sound installations and performance works... The list of works presented (many of them especially created for this occasion or exhibited for the first time) will be published in September.

Artist Performances at the Auditorium of The Louvre

« Ouvertures/Openings » 2009, conceived and organised in collaboration with The Louvre Museum, examines the relationship between the visual arts and music, as explored in the innovative research of three major artists working today: Gary Hill, Christian Marclay and Eliane Radigue.

The programme includes 3 events:



Friday October 23 at 9pm

Gary Hill


Saturday October 24 at 9pm

Christian Marclay

Zoom Zoom and Ephemera, both are the premières in France

Sunday October 25 at 3pm

Eliane Radigue

Nadjorlak I, II, III, the première in Paris

Entry to the events is free. Reservations can be made from 23 September via email: auditorium@louvre.fr


Conferences at the Jeu de Paume

Tris Vonna Mitchell, Thursday October 22nd at 6pm; Francesco Vezzoli, Friday October 23rd at 6pm (entry is free in the limit of available places).


Symposium at the Ensba

Symposium on Huang Yong Ping, Saturday October 24th (from 10am to 12pm and from 2pm to 4pm, (access by pre-registration only).


The YCI programme

Organised since 2006 with the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard, the YCI programme provides the opportunity to invite young curators from different parts of the world to visit Paris during FIAC. YCI fellows are chosen on the basis of recommendation by an international committee. The 2009 is composed of Ann Ellegood (Hammer Museum - Los Angeles); Jens Hofmann (Wattis Institute - San Francisco); Beatrix Ruf (Kunsthalle – Zurich); Christine Macel (Centre Pompidou – Paris); Hu Fang (Independent Curator – Guangzhou).

Since its creation, the YCI programme has enabled 25 young international curators to deepen their knowledge of the French art scene.


The Marcel Duchamp Prize

Alongside the ADIAF and the Centre Pompidou, FIAC reaffirms its commitment to the Marcel Duchamp prize by hosting the exhibitions of individual projects by the 4 artists short listed for the 2009 Prize in the Cour Carrée of the Louvre Museum.

2009 nominees are Saâdane Afif, Damien Deroubaix, Nicolas Moulin and Philippe Perrot.

The winner will be announced at the Cour Carrée on Saturday October 24th at 11am.



Once again, the artistic and cultural life of Paris during FIAC week bears witness to an exceptional richness and diversity. To mention only a few of the exhibitions on view: Ensor, Matisse, Rodin, Renoir, Sander, but also Pierre Soulages, Joseph Kosuth, Francesco Vezzoli, Albert Oehlen, Tris Vonna Mitchell, Jean-Jacques Lebel, Apichatpong Weeresethakul, Xavier Veilhan, and Simon Starling…

The energy of the Parisian art market likewise contributes to exciting dynamics of this special week: The exhibitions on view in Parisian galleries are of remarkable quality in the modern, contemporary & cutting edges fields alike; Several fringe fairs will be staged simultaneous to FIAC; Private collectors, corporate collections, and patrons of the arts will host numerous events of interest to FIAC’s international audience….

To all those who contribute to the energy and vitality of the Parisian art scene during FIAC week, first and foremost among them the Groupe Galeries Lafayette, official partner of FIAC 2009, we would like to express our sincere thanks.


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