31 May 2009
06 Sep 2009


Magasin - Centre National d'Art Contemporain de Grenoble

At the end of 2008, Le Magasin presented the first instalment of a two-part exhibition devoted to the art of the 1980s. Accompanied by a book, this first project was organised around groups of works that shed light on the notions of private space, public space and community.

Now, the second part focuses on the central question of the image. Whether in the “pattern painting” of the artists grouped under that title in the early years of the decade, or in its different iconographic and stylistic registers, the art of this period drew on the culture industry and media as well as the history of art, both ancient and modern.

This thoroughgoing appropriation of existing images also entered the Neoclassical field, via the pittura colta of Carlo Maria Mariani, the left-field second manner of Salvo and the work of German artists like Ulrich Horndasch. It could also be observed in the neo-Futurism (nuovo futurismo) of Plumcake and the Neo-Geo work of Peter Halley.

Images from the culture industry and media were used abundantly by the artists represented at Metro Pictures: Cindy Sherman, Walter Robinson, Thomas Lawson, Jack Goldstein and others took their material from television, advertising, cinema and cartoons. Here they found their icons as well as ways of making or reproducing them.

This flood of images and signs can also be observed in the output of the French “media painters” (Les Ripoulin, Les musulmans fumants, Nina Childress) and in that of the American artists who came from the graffiti scene, many of whom were taken up by the Fun and Gracie Mansion galleries. The same prodigality is found among German artists, notably Martin Kippenberger and Jiri Georg Dokoupil and their circle.

This second part of the exhibition will be accompanied by a second volume about the 1980s, containing texts (again in both French and English) by Thomas Lawson, Gregory L. Ulmer, Julia Kristeva, Peter
Fuller, Germano Celant, Rudi Fuchs, Peter Halley, Helena Kontova, etc.
Format 22 x 28 cm, 240 p. colour, hardcover. Publication Magasin, Grenoble, 2009.
ISBN: 978-2-906732-85-8 Distribution: Les Presses du Réel

Nina Childress, la pizza, le football et l’Italie, 1985
Rüdiger Schöttle - Dan Graham - Jeff Wall - Louis XIV tanzt, 1985
Tony Cragg - Black And White Stack, 1980
Nina Childress - Le gâteau, la fleur et la France, 1985
Franz - West Bemerkung, 1986
Les Frères Ripoulin - Sans titre, 1984
Alain Séchas, la tête violette, 1986
Raymond Pettibon, No title, 1985
Raymond Pettibon, No title, 1986
Nina Childress, le gâteau, la fleur et la France, 1985
Günther Förg - Peinture murale (Le Magasin-Grenoble), 2008

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