07 Feb 2010
25 Apr 2010


MAGASIN - Centre National d'Art Contemporain


For the very first time, Le Magasin – CNAC will present a collection of films, scenes and music from “The Spirit Girls”, a rock-music group devised by American artist Marnie Weber. This group follows her experiences throughout the 90!s, where she played and recorded with The Party Boys, The Perfect Me and produced two solo albums: Woman with Bass in 1994 and Cry for Happy in 1996. She also illustrated the cover of rock music group Sonic Youth's 1998 album, A Thousand Leaves.

Furthermore, Marnie Weber will be presenting a new work, especially created for this exhibition.


The Spirit Girls is a conceptual art rock music group made up of five female characters who died tragically in the 70!s, but come back on earth to deliver their emancipation message. In the first serial, Songs that never Die (2005), The Spirit Girls play different roles culminating at the end in a sort of musical performance for an audience of animals.

In the following serial, entitled Sing Me A Western Song (2007), The Spirit Girls find themselves in a phantasmagorical landscape of the American West alongside an odd circus and strange animals. In both The Truth Speakers (2009) and The Sea of Silence (2009), The Spirit Girls search for a group of ventriloquist dolls known as the Truth Speakers through which they wish to deliver their message to the masses. The final part, The Campfire Song (2009), is a recreation of an ordinary campfire scene, where the girls are joined by a bizarre gathering of woodland animals, devised by Marnie Weber. The scene is combined with a song performed by The Spirit Girls, with ghosts as the lyrical subject.

The Spirit Girls refers to the mid-20th century American spiritualist movement, which gave way to women!s rights, despite the dominant patriarchal culture of the time. The scenes of their dream-like quests are often Marnie Weber!s interpretations of mythic American landscapes as seen through surrealistic lenses. Such surrealistic images are a constant reoccurrence in Marnie Weber's work; most notably in her collage art.


Short biography:

Marnie Weber was born in 1959 in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She lives and works in Los Angeles. She recently showed her works in solo exhibitions in London (Simon Lee Gallery), New York (Gallery Marc Jancou), Paris (Praz-Devallade) or in collective exhibitions in Dusseldorf (Kunsthalle), Los Angeles (Otids Colege), or Busan (Busan Biennal).


Marnie Weber
Marnie Weber - The Spirit Girls: A Western Song, 2007 - Film 16mm transféré sur DVD avec bande sonore de l’artiste - Courtoisie de l’artiste, Los Angeles
Marnie Weber - The Spirit Girls: Songs That Never Die, 2005 Installation vidéo.  Courtoisie de l’artiste, Los Angeles
Marnie Weber - The Campfire Song, 2009 -  Installation, techniques mixtes et projection vidéo avec bande sonore - Courtoisie de l’artiste, Los Angeles
Marnie Weber - Spirit Girls on Bearskin Rug (with Balloon), 2008 - Courtoisie Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris/ Berlin
Marnie Weber
Marnie Weber
Marnie Weber - Journey to the Farm, 2008 - Techniques mixtes - Courtoisie Bernier Eliades Gallery, Athènes
Marnie Weber - Happy Go Lucky, The Darkest Journey, 2009 - Installation. Dimensions variables, techniques mixtes - Courtoisie de l’artiste, Los Angeles
Marnie Weber - Clown Couple, 2008 - Costumes en tissu, masques vinyl et perruques sur mannequins de fibre de verre. Courtoisie Galerie Praz-Delavallade, Paris/ Berlin
Marnie Weber
Marnie Weber
Marnie Weber
Marnie Weber

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Curator : Yves Aupetitallot - Directeur du Magasin

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