01 Jul 2013
22 Sep 2013


Arles, France

The 2013 Rencontres d'Arles present a radically black photographic journey from 1 July to 22 September. Therefore, Arles will be ‘in Black’ this year. It is a choice true to the festival’s spirit and motivated by the desire to appraise the current state of black and white photographic creation of the 21st century. At a time when colour dominates and when we question the huge changes this artform is undergoing due to new digital processes, it is important to recognise that black and white photography remains highly present in contemporary creation. What place does it therefore hold today? The dominant theme of the 2013 Rencontres d'Arles is the discovery of new talents and the (re)discovery of unknown artworks of established artists and other treasures of the past. As every year, the festival’s opening week, from 1 to 7 July, offers numerous events related to photography and taking place within Arles’ historic sites, such as the evening screenings at the Théâtre Antique, the Night of the Year, guided exhibition visits presented by artists and curators of the programme, talks, the conferences, gala events, book signings and the presentation of the Discovery Award. The Village and its exhibition space will be open with publishers and photographic institutions presenting their works and portfolio assessments. Up to the end of summer, The Rencontres d’Arles offer photographic workshops set up by professional photographers.



Hiroshi Sugimoto - Révolution

Hiroshi Sugimoto – Couleur de l’ombre

Sergio Larrain – Rétrospective

Guy Bourdin - Untouched

Alfredo Jaar

John Stezaker - Working from the Collection

Wolfgang Tillmans - Neue Welt

Viviane Sassen - In and out of fashion



Gilbert Garcin

Jean-Michel Fauquet – Le Grand Séparateur

Arno Rafael Minkkinen - Optic Nerve

Miguel Angel Rojas - Image photographique et réalité

Pieter Hugo – There’s a place in hell forme and my friends

Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt - Doux- amer



Mars – A photographic exploration presented by Xavier Barral

John Davies - France - Angleterre

Antoine Gonin - Empreinte



Philippe Chancel

Thabiso Sekgala

Pieter Hugo

RAPHAËL Dallaporta

Alain Willaume

Cedric Nunn

Santu Mofokeng

HARRY Gruyaert

Jo Ractliffe


Patrick Tourneboeuf

Thibaut Cuisset

Antony Cairns, Ldn

Jean-Louis Courtinat - Le témoignage Social

Cristina De Middel - The Afronauts

Frédéric Nauczyciel et Stéphane Couturier Festival d’avignon – La cour d’honneur



Jacques Henri Lartigue - Bibi

Pierre Jamet - 1936, Dina, Pierre, Sacha...

À fonds perdus - Collection Raynal Pellicier

Studio Fouad - Beyrouth, Studio Van Leo, Le Caire

Erik Kessels - Album Beauty

Erik Kessels - 24 Hours of Photos

Prix du livre 2013



Les prix du meilleur livre d’auteur et du meilleur livre historique édités entre le 1er juin 2012 et le 31 mai 2013 seront décernés.



Artists nominated by Brett Rogers : Clare Strand, Alison Rossiter

Artists nominated by Alison Nordström : Craig J. Barber, Lauren Bon

Artists nominated by Zeina Arida : Martin Becka, Yasmine Eid-Sabbagh, Rozenn Quéré

Artists nominated by Diane Dufour : Halil, Marcela Paniak

Artists nominated by Olga Sviblova : Nikolai Bakharev, Alexander Slussarev 



Association du Méjan : Gordon Parks : Une histoire américaine, Daido Moriyama : Labyrinth et Monochrome,Thibaut Cuisset : La Camargue au 3 x 13, Alessandro Imbriaco : Le Jardin, Robin Hammond : Zimbabwe, Exposition collective Keep your eye on the wall – paysages palestiniens

Olympus engages a photographic conversation

Three students from the Ecole nationale supérieure de la photographie d’Arles are indeed invited to enter in a “conversation” with three great contemporary photographs : Sarah Moon, Stanley Greene and Jean-Christian Bourcart.

Laureate 2012 of the second « Résidence BMW at the musée Nicéphore Niépce : Marion Gronier

Centre national d’Arts plastiques : Images as birds, a look from Patrick Tosani.

Transition, social landscape : works of 12 french and South African  photographs about South African territory, within the frame of the year France – South Africa



Exhibition of the images brought back from Afghanistan by Simon Norfolk.

Arno Rafael Minkkinen Fosters Pond, 1989
Viviane Sassen pour Numero magazine.
Studio Van Leo le caire
Sergio Larrain Passage Bavestrello, Valparaiso, Chili, 1952.
Pieter Hugo, 2011
Pierre Jamet Dina sur la route (Dina on the Road),1937.
Miguel Angel Rojas Paquita, 1970-2010.
Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt Belgique 2011.
Jean-Michel Fauquet Sans titre.
Jacques Henri Lartigue Bibi, Freddy, Margot. Aix-les-Bains, juillet 1928.
Gilbert Garcin Lorsque le vent viendra (When the Wind Will Come), 2007.
Barkhanes dans une zone de cratère.
John Davies Gare de New Street, Birmingham, 2000.
Alfredo Jaar, Lamentation des images (Lament of the Images (Lament of the images), 2002.
Wolfgang Tillmans Toucan, 2010.

General information

Opening week : July 1st to July 7th 

The welcoming desk is open from the 1st to the 7th of July from 10 am to 7 pm and is located at the 34 rue du Docteur Fanton in Arles, a few meters away from la place du Forum. 

The accreditation form is available on the website of the Rencontres of Arles, to be returned before June 15th 2013: 


Or by e-mail at : accreditation@rencontres-arles.com


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