26 Apr 2018
20 Aug 2018



Pablo Picasso and Dora Maar, the Delaunay’s, Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz, Man Ray and Lee Miller, the Eames’s are some of the around forty artist couples showcased in this important cross-topical exhibition organized by Centre Pompidou-Metz in collaboration with Barbican Centre, London. With a comprehensive mix of visual arts, architecture, design, cinema, and literature from the first half of the twentieth century, this show displays master-pieces, including some one hundred from Centre Pompidou, Musée national d'art moderne and from international prestigious collections.


This exihibition looks into creative pair-work and the mechanisms of an artistic companionship: does each approach dissolve into one, are they complementary or do they oppose each other? Here, are explored the creative processes and artistic approaches which interact and evolve within the intimacy of a twosome to give us a broader understanding of Art History and the soul and fringes of its essential movements. The very idea of modernity, as impacted by social, artistic and technical evolutions, is reviewed here through the prism of the couple.

Jean Arp et Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Symétrie pathétique, 1916 - 1917
Max Ernst, Capricorne, 1948 / 1964
Hannah Höch, Für ein Fest gemacht, 1936
Anonyme, Jean Arp with navel-monocel, c 1926
Pablo Picasso, Portrait de femme, 1938
Robert Sennecke, Sans titre, (Hannah Höch et Raoul Hausmann à la Première foire internationale Dada, Berlin, Cabinet d'art du Dr Otto Burchard), 1920
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Curated by Emma Lavigne, Jane Alison, Elia Biezunski and Cloé Pitiot. 

Assistant Curator: Pauline Créteur


Pénélope Ponchelet