22 Jan 2020
04 May 2020



Whatever its starting idea (or point), whether that be a desire for sunshine or a wish for escape, flight, wandering, or exile, travel has always been a source of inspiration, influence and exchange for artists. The exhibition “Voyage Voyages” offers a journey through these movements and their stories.

In this way and following in the footsteps of Paul Gauguin who, driven by a terrible need for the unknown, embarked on a voyage to Tahiti in 1891, we discover the inspiration that so many artists, including Wassily Kandinsky, Camille Henrot, Marcel Duchamp and Andreas Gursky have taken from this attraction for the unknown and the elsewhere that led them to renew their way of seeing the other and of representing the world.

Borders, migration, mass tourism… these days, questions about travel, exile and getting from one place to another are recurring themes in the act of creating art. The exhibition “Voyage Voyages” invites us to feel the creative immensity that finds a natural home at the Mucem and which, since it opened, has favoured a dialogue between cultures.

The exhibition presents some hundred works (paintings, sculptures, installations, drawings, photographs, videos) from private and public collections, in particular from those of the Centre Pompidou / Musée national d’art moderne and the modern and contemporary collections of the museums of Marseille.





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Esplanade du J4
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Curators :
Christine Poullain, Honorary Director of Marseille Museums & Pierre-Nicolas Bounakoff, Art Historian.

Scenography :
Studio Matters


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